It’s vital to choose the correct door for your commercial property. The reason for this is that they keep your business functional, efficient, and secure for effectiveness and higher profitability. 

However, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a commercial door. This includes characteristics, operation, and construction of the door. You also have to consider the cost of swing door repair and maintenance. Today, we are going to share with you some of the most common forms of commercial doors.  


Typically, overhead doors are made from metal such as steel. In general, they’re reserved for areas such as loading docks. They have a width of around 8 to 10 feet. You can install this type of door if you need to transport big items. You can install it at any height. These doors are made to vertically coil up to the ceiling, just like a garage door. Sometimes, they are operated automatically or manually.  


This type of door offers the most natural light. Thus, they can help your business to look more open. These forms of doors are sometimes utilized by physical stores since they enable their products to be seen readily by potential clients. Other features of glass doors to remember include: 

  • They’re typically hung on pivots 
  • Can be made without or with a frame 
  • Are made from safety glass 
  • Not fire-rated typically 


These types of doors are one of the most popular options due to their low-maintenance feature. Aside from that, they are also durable and long-lasting. A lot of people pick this door to offer long-term wear and reliability and lower maintenance and replacement costs. 

This type of door is sometimes installed in schools and other properties that obtain high-traffic since they can endure repeated abuse and use.  


Typically, aluminum doors can be found at the entrance of a lot of commercial properties. They’re a great option if you require a sleek and clean door that can also offer some natural light. Aside from that, they’ve got a tendency to be low-maintenance. They don’t need unique treatment that metal and wood doors might require such as painting and staining. The one disadvantage of this door is that they’re only fire-rated for 1 hour. Unfortunately, a couple of building codes will need a better rating than this.  


This type of door is hollow. They are made with a sheet of steel wrapped around an inner material. Sometimes, the inner material is stiffeners, foam insulation, and honeycombed core. Since they offer affordability, durability, and reliability, this type of door is standard for almost all commercial door applications.  


This type of door can offer a rich appearance and can be an ideal option for indoor use. Unfortunately, they do not always offer the durability of steel doors. Oftentimes, they’ll breakdown whenever exposed to wetness and other exterior elements. Wood doors are typically made from vermiculite, pressed perlite, solid wood lumber, or particleboard. If you are planning to improve the aesthetics of your property, consider a wood door.