Skunks are generally adorable and cute. They can also be some hilarious cartoon characters that annoy the main characters on the show. In real life, they can be both. The thing is, while you can be safer from them because humans naturally avoid threats, your dog is another story. 

The first thing you need to know is that the anal glands are actually what they sue for their defense mechanic and whenever they are threatened, they tend to release that smelly thing from them. There are two animals that squirt their spray which is made of thio, a compound that contains sulfur. Sulfur is known for its egg smell that will make your stomach churned. The skunks can release the smell from ten to twenty feet away but the smell ca reach half a mile.  

How can I de-skunk my dog?  

Getting rid of the smell can be very difficult but it is not impossible. While it is convenient to go to Ann Arbor professional pet service and have some thorough cleaning for your dog, you also need to know how to do it on your own. You need to get rid of it as safely as possible as the secreted liquid does not just smell bad, it can also cause eye irritation, nausea, and temporary blindness. It can also cause vomiting if the liquid has been swallowed.  

The following are the things you should do at home to get rid of the smell 

  • DO use some baking soda and peroxide – baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are the best combinations that effectively remove the skunk smell. It neutralizes the smell and prevents it from spreading around the house. You need to know that it is a no-no to bring your dog inside the house when you are about to clean it. This will spread the smell in the house. If it is possible, clean your dog outside the house. All you need is to mix one part of hydrogen peroxide one tablespoon of dish detergent and one-fourth cup of baking soda. Also, when you use this, remember that it is dangerous to put them long on your dog as it might cause irritation. Immediately wash the solution thoroughly and make sure to clean it to avoid build-up. Also, make sure you clean your hands well too. You can use gloves while cleaning your dog.  
  • DO seek help from the professional – it is always recommended that you seek help from the professional to get rid of the smell your dog has. It takes some skills as well as proper equipment to safely remove the smell. Professional services have different tools to clean different types of coats and furs. Also, this will be very convenient for you.  

Whenever your dog is attached by a skunk and was released by a skunk squirt, you need to calm down as panicking will do no good. Also, make sure you are protected before and during the cleaning process. Lastly, always remember that skunks are animals too and what they did was actually a form of defense mechanism because they fear for their lives too!